giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

David W. Seaman


It begins
With a drop
Of rain, or a
Tear, a globule
Of sweat falling
From the tip of your
Nose. A swelling ooze
That runs down creases
In the soil, seeps into
Soft skin and earth
To become mud
Or slime on my
Tender flesh.

Salty, yes.
The sea sulks
In salinity as if
Composed of tears
And semen and sweat,
Saliva of Neptune, urine
Of Venus, vapors, visions
Beyond the gods’ juices
A sensual whirlpool, a
Smoothie of sauces,
Succulent sluices
This brine.

Brews and
Wine. Filtered
Beverages, distilled
And refined: Armagnac,
Cognac, whiskey, and rum,
Pale vodka, perfume, and
Grain alcohol. Purity,
Pure austerity now
In asperity, how
Drought avows

Resuming the basic elements of life emerging from matter to perform syzygy
Insinuates our need to nourish and sustain. Return to water: soak, swim, flow.

--David W. SEAMAN

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